Our Characters



She’s late! She’s late! For a very important date! Don’t worry, our Alice is back from Wonderland for your next party. She’s a perfect princess to have in the tea rooms. Luckily, our cakes won’t turn you big, and our drinks won’t turn you small! 

Arabian Princess

After she found love due to the Genie’s magic, she became a bonafide princess of the Middle East. It will take a while for her to fly over on her magic carpet, but once she makes it she’ll be the perfect star of your child’s party!

Beauty Princess

This inventor’s daughter come princess broke the curse of the beast and saved her village. Her strong nature and good will means she’s a great role model for your children’s party.

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Handsome and romantic, Charming is searching the kingdom for his one and only. He fell in love with her at the royal ball and only has a glass slipper as a clue to find his one true princess. He vows to use the slipper to find and marry his one true love.


Just because it’s after midnight doesn’t mean she’s no longer a princess! After her prince charming picked up her glass slipper, she’s lived a life away from her evil stepsisters. Now, she’ll be the belle of your ball!


This princess didn’t need her fairy godmother to get dressed for the ball! Ella was loved by her stepsisters, and got to be right beside them on the big day! Now she’ll make your big day come true by coming along to your party too.

Fancy Pants

This diva is one of a kind- her pink boa and skirt set her aside from the rest of the princesses! She’s powerful, sassy, and doesn’t need anyone else to tell her what to do. So, if your child is a bit of a bossy boots, who better to come to their birthday party?


The ultra-confident Flynn is his own biggest fan, and he has long relied on his wit, charm and good looks to get out of even the stickiest situation  After falling in love with Rapunzel, his plundering days were over. Rapunzel seems to be the only girl in the world immune to Flynn’s moves. His only concern is helping his love reunite with her parents and reclaim her throne. 

Frog Princess

The frog princess is from New Orleans, Louisiana! She was cursed using the power of voodoo and turned into a frog, but after undoing the curse she met her prince charming. Now, they’re taking a break from running their busy downtown café to come host parties in our tea rooms!

Ice Queen

This cute and sweet Scandinavian princess is known for her ice powers! She’s back from her ice palace in Arendelle to come visit you on your special day. She’ll bring that special touch of magic and regality to make your child feel like a princess.

Island Princess

This newer princess sailed across Polynesia with a Maorian sun god, exploring the deep blue seas of the pacific. She’s a perfect princess for an energetic party, especially outdoors events!


This princess is famous for her endless ponytail! Her hair once helped her famous prince into her tower, but now she’s letting her hair down at your children’s party. Her big pink dress and long hair are a mainstay and can’t be missed!

Sleeping Beauty

This princess was cursed by the evil queen to lose her life on her 16th birthday. Luckily, her guardian fairies beat the curse, and she fell into a deep sleep instead! Now that her prince saved her, she’s travelling the land to meet you on your special day.

Snow Princess

Can you believe this is the Ice Queen’s sister? She’s one of the most known princesses of Arendelle, and she helped overthrow the evil tyrant trying to imprison her sister! Now that all that is over with, she’s free to come host your next party!

Snow White

Snow White is a true princess of the forest- with the creatures of the woodland by her side, she can do anything! That’s not to mention her seven dwarf friends, who enjoy her wonderful company. Why they’re off at the mines, why don’t you invite her over to the tea rooms for your next party?

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid has moved from the sea to land, and now she’s going to come visit you! She broke the curse put on her and found her prince, but she’s here ready for your summer parties. This redhead princess will be the perfect star(fish) for your next event!


Lil’ tink is a magic fairy who whisks children away to Neverland at a moments notice! Her flying abilities are top notch – watch her buzz to and fro across your child’s party in human size. Her whimsical and wonderful nature brings the true joy of Peter Pan right to your event!

Unicorn Princess

Straight from the world of mystical rainbows and magic, our Unicorn Princess is perfect for parties for younger children! Her magical mane and horn set her apart from all the other princes and princesses.

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Evil Queen's Daughter

Watch out, Sleeping Beauty! The Evil Queen has her own daughter on your chase. She’s inherited her mother’s dark powers- whether she’ll use them to avenge her mother we don’t know! What we do know is, she’s happy to entertain at your next birthday party or event. I’m sure she can be naughty and nice!

Maleficent's Daughter

If you want something a little bit more evil for you next party, let the queen Malificent’s daughter entertain you! This purple punk rock goddess is feisty, fun, and a nice change from all these nice princesses. If your child wants to rock out, get her!

Ursula's Daughter

Y’arr!!! Watch out for the evil queen Ursula’s daughter! She’s a landlubber, unlike her tentacled mother, meaning that she could catch The Little Mermaid and bring her back to the briney depths of the sea! Bring her along for your parties, and you’ll surely enjoy a great adventure!

Madrigal Miracle

The youngest daughter of her family, who has the distinction of being the only Madrigal without a magical gift – Miracle is ready to save the magic and make your next party a blast! 

Madrigal Flower Sister

Born into the Madrigal family, the Flower sister is the eldest daughter. This sister is graceful, and Miracle would describe her as “effortlessly perfect”. Her magic power is the ability to make your child feel like a princess!

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